Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hattie and Jake's Birthday

Birthday girl Hattie, age 2, thinks little Cousin Dutch is kind of a cute baby. Dutch, age 7 months, think Hattie's kind of all right, too, especially if she hands over that soda.

Little Cousin Anson, age 7 weeks or so, chilling out in his underwear.

Hattie got to ride all the way to the party with the pinata in her lap. She really became attached to it, and had no idea what a pinata is all about.

She took a couple of half-hearted hits at it, for the cameras.

Birthday Boy Jacob, age 4, was next, and he took some pretty good whacks at it.

Older kids like Izac had to wear a blindfold.

When the pinata broke and spilled it's contents, all the kids dived for the candy.

All the kids, that is, except for Hattie, who wasn't expecting her pinata to be destroyed. She wailed inconsolably. Her pinata, and her heart, were irretrievably broken.

It would take much more than a few miserable peices of candy to mend her broken heart. It would take time. Lots of time.

And Birthday Cupcakes and Birthday Candles.

And singing "Happy Birthday".

And watching Jacob blow out his Birthday Candles.

She hadn't quite grasped the concept of blowing out Birthday Candles, so Mama Susan had to temporarily confiscate the sucker.

Here you go Hattie, blow 'em out!

Yay, I did it!

Pinata? What pinata?

Didn't I see some Birthday Presents around here somewhere?

Hey, look what I got!

Thanks, Papa, for, um, whatever this is!

Here are some airplanes that I don't have to put together!

Hattie: Look Daddy, Papa and Grandma gave me my very own cell phone.

Mommy: I'm going to have to take the batteries out of that annoying noisy toy phone and hide 'em!

Oh, look. Bubboos!

Thank you Aunt Carla!

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Leiser Family said...

Chris told me about the pinata. The pictures ARE worth a thousand words. What a doll!