Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Bradley

Today, Jan. 13 is Bradley's birthday.
Here's Brad with Noelle and Chris when he was about 6 months olds.

Here he is a few months later, after he'd learned how to walk, in fact run.

Here he is at the Calgary Stampede, guzzling an Orange Chrush.
One thing about Brad was that he always did everything with a lot of gusto. He always talked loud, almost like he was shouting. Of course, he had 3 older siblings, so I guess he figured he had to compete for attention. And he never walked anywhere, it was always on the dead run. If it was some place he wanted to go to, he wanted to get there fast. You could always tell when Brad was happy, because you could hear him. If he was unhappy or sad, he was quiet. Or, another possibility was, if he was quiet he was getting into something he wasn't supposed to. He couldn't resist flavored Chap Sticks. He thought they were candy or something. One time we caught him hiding in the coat closet with a butter knife, scooping out one of my Chap Sticks.

Here's Brad at Huck Finn Day in Spanish Fork.

Chris and Brad won blue ribbons at the Cub Scout Space Derby.

Brad is married to Jodi, and they have three boys of their own.

Being a father has matured Brad in a lot of ways, but in some ways he's very much like that little boy of long ago.

Happy Birthday, Bradley. I love you, son.