Monday, April 28, 2008

Texas Hostage Crisis, Day 25

Former FLDS member Mary Mackert, now a Baptist, talks about her life in the FLDS faith Sunday at the Central Faith Baptist Church in San Angelo, Texas. (Scott G. Winterton, Deseret News)

Baptist missionary looks forward to deprograming, converting FLDS child hostages,5143,695274460,00.html

One of Grits For Breakfast's commenters responded to his Yippe Ki Yi Yay ditty with one of his own:

"How about this takeoff on "Git along little dogies"?

Yippee ki yi yay,
Git along little Mormons.
It's your misfortune
And none of my own.

Yippee ki yi yay,

Git along little Mormons.
You know CPS will
Provide a new home.

Peace from a Baptist brother who resents linking 'Baptist' and 'bigot' as though they were synonymous.
Rev. Charles Kiker"

I couldn't let that stand. Here is my response:

I think it's interesting that Rev. Kiker resents linking Baptists and bigots, but doesn't mind blurring the line between polygamists and mainstream Mormons who don't preach or practice polygamy. Your little ditty about little Mormons reinforces stereotypes that don't fit, and confuses people who don't know (or care) about the distinctions.

The reason it's of concern is because many are confusing mainstream LDS with this FLDS sect, and persecution has already begun. A group of LDS missionaries eating lunch in a San Angelo restaurant were threatened by a man brandishing a knife. An LDS couple in Victoria were shocked to find that neighbors had vandalized their property by spray painting anti-Mormon slogans and threats.

Judge Walther demonstrated her own ignorance about the distinctions when she suggested mainstream Mormons be called on to monitor FLDS prayer sessions, a request that baffled and offended many mainstream Mormons, who resent being tarred by the same broad brush.

With the combination of the Baptist Church buses and this little ditty about little Mormons penned by a Baptist minister, it looks pretty obvious that the Baptists are at the center of this bigoted crusade to stamp out this strange, unorthodox sect.

Furthermore, there's a former FLDS lady who's converted to the Baptist Church and has received a calling to the FLDS, and is eager to receive as many of these FLDS children into her care as possible so she can begin deprograming them and converting them to be Baptists.

Hint: If you don't want to be labeled a bigot, don't act like one.