Thursday, October 18, 2007


The following is paraphrased from an online article in the Jewish World Review by Bob Tyrell.

1. The Clintons’ corruption in the White House was preceded by an equally scandalous administration in the Governor’s Mansion in Arkansas. A third term in the White House is likely to be every bit as scandalous and corrupt.

2. For years, the Clintons have bullied the press, political opponents, prosecutors and those women who caught Bill's eye. Anyone and everyone who could cause them trouble were harassed and intimidated into silence. A prosecutor was so intimidated he started carrying a gun because of harassment in the street.

3. Rumors of John McCain’s temper have haunted his campaign. Hillary's temper is even more widely documented, by disaffected Secret Service agents, military aides, Arkansas state troopers and others. She has thrown tantrums, flown into rages, thrown objects at agents, even struck her husband, in full view of staff.

4. Hillary is given to what the historian Richard Hofstadter termed "The Paranoid Style in American Politics." She’s the one who coined the phrase "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy®".

5. The Clintons have commercialized the presidency. Bill has raked in $43 million in speakers fees alone in the seven years he’s been out of the White House. During their reign, they rewarded fat cat campaign contributors with overnight stays at the White House, most famously the Lincoln bedrom.

6. In the past, a few in the media have denounced Bill Clinton for his corruption, and even his friends have acknowledged it.

7. But for the most part, the media has been lax in reporting the Clintons’ ethical failings and outright corruption, claiming it’s all "old news".

Again, a third term in the White House is not likely to be much different. But in dangerous times like these, with enemies who’ve sworn to seek our destruction and a madman in Iran who seeks to gain nuclear weapons and has vowed to "wipe Israel off the map", it could be much more disastrous for our nation.

Read the whole article for yourself. Here's a link.