Thursday, October 25, 2007

Izac's Birthday Party

As mentioned in an earlier post, yesterday was Izac's birthday, and they had his party last night.

I asked him how old he was now, and he said seven. I asked if he could hold up that many fingers, and it took him a couple of tries, but he managed it. He should have asked me if I could have held up 60 fingers, but neither one of us thought of that.

Izac is always happy to receive birthday presents, as is Jake. But when Izac get presents and he doesn't, well, then he's not so thrilled.

Oh, yea, Pokemon, my favorite thing in the whole world!

And if it wasn't Pokemon related, Isac wasn't quite as interested, but Jorgen Dansie was...

...and so was Jake.

Oh, yeah! You can never have too much Pokemon stuff!

Lessee, what's this, Play-doh?

I think so. What else have we got here?

Let's see, a card from Grandpa that says "Read, read, happy, happy."
Posing for obligatory photos with a cheesey smile.

Jake pulls his hat on and gets ready for action. What mischief can I get into now?

Posing for more mandatory photos...

...while Mom records it for posterity.

Let's get these Pokemon cards organized!

Izac and his Mom check out the mood ring he got for his birthday.

And back to my organizing.

While Jake and Jorgen check out the toy dragon.

Jake was fascinated by this "fiber-optic" toy.

Izac swung it for an interesting effect.

Ah, the cake!

And the lighting of the seven candle.

The singing of "Happy Birthday".

And the big blow!

Hattie arrived "fashionably late", with her entourage of doting parents. And of course she was her usual adorably charming self. Here she shows off her watch and bracelet, which her mother says she refuses to leave the house without.

She warmed right up to Nanna, who had an attractive plate of cake and icecream on her lap.

Notice that she's using the international sign for "That looks delicious. Can I have some?"

And of course, she could. And did.
Who could say no to such a charmer?

As the party wound down, Jake entertained himself by beating up on the party balloons.

Later, Brad served fajitas, and they were delicious. I didn't take any pictures of them because I was too busy snarfing them down. Thanks, Brad!

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Chris said...

Great post Dad. It was like we arrived on time and didn't miss anything.