Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Texas FLDS Hostage Crisis Continues, Day Nineteen

LDS Church declines opportunity to spy on Texas FLDS hostages

Salt Lake Tribune editorial points to government's "heavy burden of proof" in Texas FLDS hostage crisis

Texas begins moving child hostages into foster homes

Number of FLDS child hostages jumps to 437

Texas harming FLDS child hostages, Utah group says

Judge asks LDS to spy on FLDS hostages during prayers

Local LDS Stake President baffled by request to spy on hostages

Texas officials couldn't take children hostage earlier because they were home schooled

Okay, I admit, the mainstream media aren't calling the children hostages, but that is in fact what they are, and I will continue to call them that. The state of Texas has not incarcerated a solitary adult male in relation to the original complaint. They have been unable to produce solid evidence of abuse of any kind, other than to say they've been "indoctrinated". They have the alleged underage teen brides in custody, and have had them for 19 days, yet none have stepped forward to say they are victims of sexual or physical abuse. They will continue to hold these children hostage until they are successful in coercing someone into stepping forward and claiming that they are victims of abuse. In truth, all 437 of these children are victims of abuse--by the state of Texas.

This is simply outrageous.