Saturday, July 26, 2008


This is Jared and Mindy's youngest. His name is Dutch and he's seven months old. He's a tank. Jared told me he weighs about 24 lbs.

He's pretty good natured, not fussy at all.

It appears that he likes to eat.

The only time I saw him get cranky was when Mama Mindy was a little slow delivering the vittles.

"Don't mess with me, big guy!"

Here's Aunt Carla holding and feeding him while he contemplates taking a nap.

Okay, his tummy's full...


Here's Grandpa and Dutch. Look, we're practically twins. Well, 60 years apart, is all.

All buckled up and ready to hit the road.

I wish that big guy would quit flashing that thing.

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Leiser Family said...

OH we miss "Meat" (as Todd calls him) We sure loved seeing them in July.