Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day Greetings

Aunt Cindy with nephew Jacob and niece Hattie

Some of the blessings of fatherhood, for example, grandchildren

and sons, daughters, and sons and daughters-in law.

Aunt Jodi and Hattie

Jacob Ryan Petersen, age 2

Michael Kavika Leiser

Hattie Mae Petersen

Bradley and sons Jacob and Izac

Brad and Jodi and sons

2 grandsons

Michael on his birthday

Cousins Hattie and Michael


Noelle with son Michael and niece Hattie

Susan with nephew Michael and daughter Hattie

Brand new parents Noelle and Todd with their son Michael

Christian with daughter Hattie on the day of her birth

Hattie Mae Petersen

Baby Hattie

Happy Father's Day, dads!

1 comment:

Leiser Family said...

Wow! look at those grandkids! Happy Fathers day to you too! Belated as usual. . .