Monday, November 12, 2007


Apparently blog648 is not widely read, at least in Orlando, because people are not taking my advice: "Get a Gun, Not a Taser".

A local station in Orlando ran a story about "Taser parties", which are presumably not unlike "Tupperware parties" of yesteryear.

You can get a Taser, even a pink one, here.

But Popular Mechanics notes: "The C2 [Taser] fires once per cartridge, so Taser recommends putting it down and running like hell while your target twitches away."

Good advice, indeed. But I recommend you grab the bad guy’s gun while he’s twitching, and be ready to use it when he regains his capacity for voluntary motion, because he’s going to be very likely to be in a murderous mood.

Case in point: Recently in Atlanta a man used a Taser on an armed carjacker. But apparently the driver was unwilling to take Taser's advice and "run like hell", presumably because he didn't want to give up his car. So when the infuriated thug regained his faculties, he shot the driver five times.

The problem with tasing an armed thug who's holding a gun is the liklehood that as all the muscles clench involuntarily, he's not likely to drop the gun, and if he has his finger on the trigger, he could start firing the gun uncontrollably, a situation that's dangerous for everyone nearby.

My advice: Don't mess with half-measures like Taser; get a gun, learn how to use it, and carry it on you.

Somebody, I forget who, immortalized the words "not responsible for advice not taken".

Hat tip to Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit .

Veterans Day

Yesterday was Veterans Day. We've flown the flag here at 648 over the weekend in honor of both the Marine Corps birthday and Veterans who have served our country honorably and well. Thank you to all who serve and all who have served.