Saturday, September 1, 2007

Why I don't trust the media---They're propagandists pushing an agenda!

Recently, a Public Affairs officer within Multinational Force-Iraq privately expressed his concern to me that the media were spiking or deliberately misrepresenting reports made by the military about Iranian involvement and the capture of Persian fighters within Iraq. “We would arrest three members of the al Quds force (part of the Revolutionary Guard), and the story that would come out in the papers the next day would be, ‘Three Iranian diplomats arrested from embassy.’ I'd call the folks at the papers and say, ‘Look, these folks weren't diplomats, and they weren’t at an embassy. They’re Iranian soldiers and they were taken while fighting against the coalition in Iraq.’ I’d say to them, ‘We have evidence – from weapons to ID cards to uniforms – that proves beyond a doubt who and what they are,’ and I’d offer to bring them in and walk through each piece of evidence with them.“They’d never take me up on it, and would never correct their stories.”

From Jeff Emanuel, an independent imbedded journalist (i.e. blogger) in Iraq.

Clearly another example of the facts on the ground not fitting the narrative, so alter the facts to better fit the narrative. Way to go, MSM! Why don't the American people trust you, I wonder?

Karl Rove's Parting Thoughts

From his National Review Online column:

I have known George W. Bush for nearly 34 years and have had the privilege of watching from nearby as history has placed its demands on him and our country. I know his humility and decency, his intelligence and thoughtfulness, his respect for every person he comes in contact with, his unwavering commitment to principle-based decision-making, and the quiet and compassionate hearts of the man and his graceful wife, Laura.

I have come to understand true leadership leans into the wind. It tackles big challenges with uncertain outcomes rather than taking on simple, sure tasks. It does what is right, regardless of what the latest poll or focus group says. History demands much of America and its leaders and I am confident it will judge the 43rd president as a man more than worthy of the great office the American people twice entrusted to him.

Friday, August 31, 2007 was Karl Rove's last day at the White House.

Farewell, Mr Rove, and gentle winds. History will remember you as one who was devoted to the service of his president and his country. Your most bitter critics, if remembered at all, will not be remembered well. Thank you for your service.