Monday, January 14, 2008

Help Heal Heather's Heart

Heather and Jestin Dorius is a couple in our neighborhood with four young children. Heather, age 31, has had serious heart problems for 11 years or so. Heather has had two dangerous episodes in a six-month period that were life threatening. If she has another episode she is not likely to survive. There’s a surgical procedure available that has a 90% success rate, but it’s very expensive, and the Dorius family doesn’t have health insurance. We’re trying to raise $40,000 to $60,000 by February so she can have this surgery performed around Valentine’s Day.

Heather and Jestin are not poor or indigent. They don’t need clothing, food, shelter or transportation. They are both gainfully self employed; she’s a realtor, he’s an electrical contractor. They’re simply a good solid middle class family who can’t get health insurance because of her pre-existing medical condition. No insurance company wants to take on a client who’s 100% likely to need expensive medical care.

If you can help, please go to Help Heal Heather's Heart and make a donation. If you’re not comfortable with paypal, email me at and I’ll email you directly with contact information where you can send a check.

For more information and background, please go to the Dorius Family Blog.
If you can spare a donation, God bless you. If you can’t, God bless you, too. Thanks for your time.