Friday, October 26, 2007

Is Obama Too Genuine to Show "False Patriotism"?

A few weeks ago Barack Obama, (D) IL, a candidate running for president, claimed he refused to wear an American Flag lapel pin because he believed too many people were wearing the flag as a false indicator of patriotism. He is apparently too righteous to engage in any ostentatious displays of false patriotism.
If the above photo is any indication, apparently he is too genuine and sincere to show false patriotism by showing respect for the flag in this ceremony where others are holding their right hands over their hearts. He stands respecfully... with both hands folded over his crotch.
What a courageous, noble gesture of true patriotism!
I suppose as a free citizen of a free country he has every right to make whatever gesture he deems appropriate at a public ceremony where others show respect in their own way.
And as a result, I have the same right, as a free citizen of a free country to not consider him in any way, shape, or form to be a qualified or serious candidate for the highest elected office in the land and the leader of the free world.
I'm just sayin'...