Monday, June 11, 2007

Getting Out of Iraq; Four "Modest" Proposals

Dan Simmons, a writer and educator living in Colorado, has 4 modest proposals for getting out of Iraq. His website has a long post on the subject, and it’s well written and well thought out, but, again, long. Here’s a link:

Modest Proposal #1 SURRENDER,
and call it surrender, not redeployment or withdrawal or some other euphemism for defeat, and be prepared to accept and live with the consequences, not the least of which would be a nuclear Iran and Islamist jihad all over the world, including on our own shores and in our own heartland.

Modest Proposal #2 OUTSOURCE / PRIVATIZE the war.
There are currently 120,000 to 150,000 private military contractors, or PMCs (some prefer the term mercenaries) in Iraq. Doubling that number could be easily and quickly done. Cumbersome rules of engagement under which U.S. and Coalition forces operate could be dispensed with, along with the Geneva Convention silliness. It would internationalize the conflict in a real rather than rhetorical sense, because hundreds of North American, Asian, South African, European, Russian, even Israeli companies would be involved. Our own military could redeploy, rebuild and upsize. Military equipment currently in the field could be "lend-leased" to the PMCs instead of being abandoned or turned over to the current regime to be turned over to the terrorists to be used to commit genocide on the Sunnis.

Modest Proposal #3 TURN THE KEYS TO IRAQ OVER TO THE IRANIANS AND JOIN THE INSURGENCY, presumably similar to what we did in Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation during the 80's.
"Let us consider the logic of giving the Iranians control of that fiction called the ‘government of Iraq’ and of American advisors then joining the insurgency. This would require leaving behind the few thousand special forces troops and CIA specialists needed to keep the Iranians in Iraq busy for the next decade as they try to fight a growing counterinsurgency supported by the United States and by rich Sunni nations just across Iraq’s porous borders."
I honestly don’t like the idea of leaving troops behind to become "insurgents". Americans would stand out too much. That won’t work.

Modest Proposal #4 PREVAIL (my personal favorite).