Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, Izac

It was Izac's 8th birthday, and so he invited guests to his party.

Here he get's his picture taken by his mother Jodi in preparation for the pinata whacking.

Everybody got to take 3 good whacks.

Some of the younger ones like Jourgen Danzie didn't have to wear a blindfold.

It wasn't long before candy was scattered all over the ground and kids were scrambling for it.

Later, all the younger guests gathered on the trampoline while Izac opened their presents.

The guests included cousins and friends from school.

Little Dutch loved being right in the middle of everything.

We sang Happy Birthday to Izac.

Then he blew out the eight candles on the birthday brownies.

Here mother Mindy managed to coax out a smile from our grandson Dutch, age 10 months.

And then another.

Anson watched all the goings on with wide eyes. I'm sure he'd never noticed this many people, especially noisy children in one place before. He seemed quite content to sit in Bev's arms and watch it all.

Here is Dutch, who has mastered the art of crawling forward instead of backward, now.