Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Even a Pretty Bird Has to Make a Living

One of my favorite things to do is to photograph wildlife, particularly birds, and few birds are as photogenic as the snowy egret. Here are some photos I shot several weeks ago of an egret busy making a living at the Utah Lake Wetland Preserve in Lake Shore.
This egret was happy to keep working as long as I was happy to stay in my car and use my long lens to photograph him.

This bird could move quite stealthily but quickly over very tricky terrain.

Gotta make a living.

Ah! My favorite--carp minnow!

Carpe di-YUM!*

*With apologies to Mc Donald's Corporation for stealing one of their billboard advertising themes, which they probaby stole from somebody else. So sue me.

Carpe carpio! (Seize the carp!)

Pass the tartar sauce, please.

This egret bristled up like this when it saw another egret land within 50 feet or so. It flew over to drive the "intruder" away, and then returned to this favored location.

Looking for the next meal.


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Petersen Family said...

I saw a pelican yesterday @ the beach. They are so BIG. Hattie & I were floating in the water & it landed about ten feet from us. So pretty.