Monday, November 19, 2007

River Trail Sunset

I live a block or so from the River Trail. These pictures are of the sunset that we had a few nights ago.
Actually, this is what they call an "anti-sunset" because it's the sky on the horizon opposite where the sun was actually setting.

Again, the eastern sky at sunset.

Waxing, not waning crescent moon, from my driveway.

This is just before the lamp turned on.

The same lampost a few mornings later, at sunrise, just before the lamp turned off.

Hattie Mac 'n' Cheese

The other night I spent some time with my son and his family. My granddaughter Hattie was just finishing up her dinner--

She was having the all time classic kid's favorite, mac and cheese.

As you can see, her smile is not the only thing that's "cheesey".

I thought at first she was just waving, but I see now that she was trying to make the sign for "Grandpa", which is the open hand with the thumb toward the forehead, then wave forward in two loops. What a clever little darling.

"Now I'm ready for my bath!"

"or not!"

It's jammie Hattie!

(Note Mommy's expression is nearly as precious as the daughter's).

And Daddy's arms (and heart) are full.