Monday, August 4, 2008

Family Pictures at the Park

Yesterday we went to Brad and Jodi's and had dinner. Yummy. That's right, Brad cooked and it was great.
After dinner the boys mounted their bikes and showed that, yes, they can too ride their bikes.
Daddy Brad coaxed a tiny little smile out of Anson.

Then we went to the park and took some family pictures.

Here are Jacob and Izac monkeying and mugging on the monkey bars.

We told them to not be quite so cheesey with their smiles, so this is what we got.

Isac on top of the covered slide.

Brad with his boys. Don't ask me how we got that smile out of Anson. It was rare.

Jakie hanging out on the monkey bars.

Brad & Jodi.


Jodi said...

I like the pictures. Well.... that last one of me an Brad is not my fav. Is it possible to make me look thin? Is that not the purpose of photo shop?

blog648 said...

I guess what we should have done, and could have done if I had known it was an issue for you, was to partially "hide" you behind Brad, instead of hiding Brad behind you. Next time that's what we'll do.

Leiser Family said...

wow! those boys have grown! Looks like three little Bradleys. Anson is so cute! Can't wait to get down there and meet the little bugger.