Monday, December 8, 2008

Birthday Party

Our grandson Dutch turns one year old later this week, but yesterday was his birthday party.

Here he learns to operate his new ATV.

Skylar taught him how to pop a wheelie.

Opening another present.

Happy Birthday to Dutch!

Happy boy.

Jacob pulls Hattie and Dutch up the hill in Dutch's new Radio Flyer, with some assistance from Uncle Jared.

Jacob checks out the back yard slide, with Hattie coming up behind.

Hattie liked it too.

Here's the birthday boy in his new red wagon.

Aunt Jodi with little baby Anson.

Here's crafty Auntie Susan who's busy working on a little brother for Hattie.

Here are the kids on the neighbors' backyard merry-go-round.

Hattie really liked the merry-go-round.

She rode it for several minutes. When she got off, she was dizzy and didn't realize it. She staggered like a little drunk and fell down several times. It was hilarious. Too bad I didn't have video.

Hattie enjoyed the big wheel, too.


Christian said...

Who's the big kid on the merry-go-round with his crack hanging out?

Jodi said...

I appreciate you FINALLY posting a half way decent picture of me. Amen to me not being huge with child ha! Thank you!

blog648 said...

Chris, that's just one of the kids.

Hey, Jodi, you know, I just shoot and post. And look at Susan, she's great with child and she's not, yet. :)