Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween 2008

Halloween came to our house this year in the form of neigborhood children dressed in their scariest costumes. Okay, some of them weren't all that scary.

Here are a few of the Burningham children, accompanied by their guardian angel Rachel Wilkey. Brett and Jill Burningham are in the background.

Here are Christian, Taylor (rear) and Tyler.

John Clark came by, with his children, while his wife took care of "door duty" at their house.

These are the boys from next door and across the street. As you can see, I have great neighbors.

Here's a scary monster, accompanied by not so scary Mom & Dad.

Here are some more neighbor children.

We got a few older children, too.

Here are some more, wearing their disguises.

Here is a trio of Halloween "street performers".

Kayla Larson came by with some of her friends.

Sami Meinhart came by, accompanied by her "Rehab Reject" friend.

Obviously this boy had visited a lot of houses before he got to us, judging by the level of candy in his bucket.

Here's a trio of kids I didn't recognize, but they were cute. Check out the girl on the left, taking a bubble bath.

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