Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Comments from the blogosphere on YFZ Debacle

Scott Henson is a Texas blogger who writes about the Texas criminal justice system, and has covered the YFZ debacle relentlessly in his blog, GRITS FOR BREAKFAST. As enlightening as his own articles are, some of the comments by readers are equally revealing. Here's a small sample:

Comments at Grits For Breakfast

"if...the 'nature of some of the [adult] marital relationships' was a reason DFPS took the kids, they were woefully beyond the scope of their authority! There are only four reasons DFPS can seize a child:

1. an immediate danger to the physical health or safety of the child,
2. the child has been the victim of sexual abuse.
3. the parent or person who has possession of the child is currently using a controlled substance,
4. the parent or person who has possession of the child has permitted the child to remain on premises used for the manufacture of methamphetamine.

Notably, non-traditional (or rather, ultra-traditional) family structures or strange religious beliefs are simply not on the list of reasons the state can take your kids. That appears to be exactly what happened, though."

Grits For Breakfast

An anonymous commenter on the process of reporting suspected child abuse:

"Law inforcement refers them [suspected abuse cases] to CPS. If the suspected abuse is happening in the context of a government institution the complaning witness is told that CPS doesn't have jurisdiction."

If CPS itself is neglecting the care of a child who investigates this? After months of investigation and the damage is already done a court tells CPS, 'Don't do that or we'll be forced to tell you not to do that again.'"


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