Sunday, April 27, 2008

Texas Hostage Crisis, Day 24

Some child hostages hospitalized, the rest now scattered all across Texas
Incidentally, to give you an idea about the vast distances that we're talking about here, Eldorado is 384 miles from Houston.

Two Texas child hostages unaccounted for, but Texas DFPS "not worried",5143,695274226,00.html

There's a blogger in Texas who is a former Director of Police Accountability at the Texas ACLU. He's been blogging about the FLDS raid since it happened and has had a steadily growing sence of unease with the propriety of how and why it went down like it did and how it got as far out of control as it did. He says that any actual crimes that were committed wil not be successfully prosecuted because of the way this was handled. CPS may get away with kidnaping these kids, but eventually there will be legal repercussions.

The blog is called Grits for Breakfast.
He wrote a poem that I think is appropriate. Here it is:

I'll never forget that sad April day
When the Baptists brought buses and
Cops hauled us away
From our home on the ranch
Where the kids used to play
And sing "Ki Yi Yippe Ki Yay"

I'll never forget how we all knelt and prayed
While men with machine guns
Filed in like a parade
By the hundreds, an army
Swarmed God's holy place
Singing "Ki Yi Yippe Ki Yay"

I'll never forget hearing Judge Walther say
That my parents' beliefs were
Abusive per se
And I needed protection
From them and their faith
She sang "Ki Yi Yippe Ki Yay"

So they brought in more buses and swept me away
Into foster care, now the Judge
Says I am safe
But I don't feel that way
All alone and afraid
Singing "Ki Yi Yippe Ki Yay Ki Yay"
Singing "Ki Yi Yippe Ki Yay"

None of this is about protecting children from harm. It's about stamping out a despised lifestyle of a wierd group of people that is guilty of rejecting mainstream American values in a spectacularly strange way. The driving force behind this effort is an odd combination of Bible belt bigotry and liberal feminist moral revulsion. It's a rescue attempt of people who see no need to be rescued. It fits the definition of genocide because it entails removing the children and youth from the population.

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