Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Storm Damage, We Got Some

About 8:15 yesterday morning I heard a loud thumping on the side of my house. It sounded like the wind was ripping the siding off. Sure enough, that's exactly what was happening.

Actually, this is the back of the house. We were expecting a storm any minute, but at this time the skies were only partly cloudy, and we had sunshine. However, the wind was pretty boisterous. I wasn't too concerned about the house until I saw this. We've had strong gusts before and nothing like this has ever happened.

About 8:30 I sent in a warranty request to our homebuilder, Fieldstone Homes. I got a call about 10 a.m. and a warranty rep was on our doorstep an hour later to survey the damage. She assured me that they would have a crew on site in the next two days to repair the damage and replace the siding. That was good to hear. Our one year warranty expires in mid-February.

Update: the siding was replaced Wednesday morning before noon, (two days after the damage was done). So everything's back to normal. I'll post pictures later.


Anonymous said...

So has your siding been replaced?

blog648 said...

Yes, thanks for asking. I need to take some pictures and update this post.

The damage occured on Monday and the siding was replaced Wednesday morning before noon.

It looks great. I'm very happy with the results and the service we got.

The contractor assured me that our house was only the second home that had any siding blow off since they started building this sub-division.