Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Here’s a fellow who wallows in bigotry and hate, in the name of Jesus. He refers to Mitt Romney as a member of a satanic cult, twice. He claims no interested in politics or influence (worldly power is his phrase, I believe), but apparently can’t see how this polemical ranting marginalizes not just himself and his followers, but all people who have a religious view. These are the flames the liberal media would love to fan if they could. They would love to be able to put us all in the same basket, paint us all as frothing religious lunatics, and push us all off onto the margins of political influence.

I won’t quote him directly. Just go to the link and read it for yourself if you’re interested. But be warned, if you’re a person of faith of almost any denomination, but particularly if you’re LDS, this is almost pornographic in nature. It’s truly ugly. This is exactly the kind of bigotry that drove the Mormons from New York to Ohio, from Ohio to Missouri and Illinois, and finally across the plains and over the mountains to Utah. It’s still alive today.

I don't believe this kind of bigotry is truly widespread, but it's exactly the kind of wedge that the liberal left, particularly Democrats, would love to drive into the religious coalition on the right to splinter such groups as evangelicals and right leaning Mormons into bickering, powerless factions. I think we should be aware of it and not over-react.

Incidentally, thanks to Article VI Blog for the tip.

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