Tuesday, October 9, 2007


We’ve all seen or read reports of the tragedy in Wisconsin where a young law enforcement officer lost his temper and went on a rampage, killing several young people at a party who had called him a "worthless pig".

It has been discovered that the young man was never vetted psychologically before his hiring, as apparently it’s not a requirement in Wisconsin for prospective law enforcement officers.

If stuff like this continues, combined with the apparent epidemic of wrong-house no-knock raids across the country, the gun grabbers are going to start a movement to disarm the cops. Then the outlaws truly will be the only ones to have guns.
It'll start out with baby steps. At first, officers and deputies will be required to draw firearms from a department armory at the start of every shift, and return them to the armory as they go off shift. Most departments don't require officers to carry off duty as it is.
Eventually, officers will only be allowed to draw weapons for special occasions, such as serving warrants on known dangerous felons, etc.
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