Friday, October 5, 2007


They used to say there are no rules in a gunfight. Then somebody, I forget who, said "No, that’s not right. There’s one rule: HAVE A GUN!"

Well, here’s a news story from Bexar County, Texas where two men got into an argument, and one man left in a huff, but soon returned, with a rifle, and started shooting at the other man’s house.

Taking umbrage at the affront, the other man came out of the house and returned fire with a handgun. Now he’s in the hospital in critical condition. The rifleman is still at large. Police expect to make an arrest soon.

Apparently there’s a codicil to the one rule: Have a gun that’s as big as if not bigger than the other guy’s. Hand gun vs. high powered rifle is not exactly an even match-up. The problem is not the size of the hole but the disparity in effective range.

The news report doesn't mention alcohol or drugs being involved in this altercation, but clearly there wasn't a lot of cerebral activity taking place in this incident.

Not a really surprising outcome, really.

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