Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mitt Romney and the “M-word”–(Money)

I read a column online at the JEWISH WORLD REVIEW by Cokie and Steve Roberts about Mitt Romney and his immense wealth, (an estimated $350 M) and how it could help or hinder his quest for the White House.

Theology came up. From the column:

The wealth question reaches beyond the practical into the realm of theology and myth. A core belief of early New England settlers was the Protestant Ethic: the idea that thrift and hard work were prime earthly virtues; and even better, that material success was a sign of God's grace and eternal salvation.

But that’s it. That’s as close to the "M-word" as they got. I finished the column and then reread it to be sure. Nope, not one single time did they mention Romney’s peculiar Mormon faith or any of the odd tenets of his religion, past or present.

They talked about money, his family’s investments that are enumerated in a list that covers 47 pages, how the company that oversees the investments has divested of some questionable stocks in the recent past, but is still invested in a Chinese company that does business with the government of Sudan, which supports genocide.

They mentioned how in the recent Iowa straw poll, in which he finished 1st with 32% of the vote, he spent something like $800 per vote. The runner-up, Mike Huckabee spent $58 per vote and got 18%, and told his supporters he couldn’t pay for them, or even rent them.

They talked about rich candidates who’ve sought the White House and failed, such as Steve Forbes, John F. Kerry and John Edwards and the pitfalls that had brought about their failures. They talked about other more successful candidates, such as John Kennedy and Franklin Roosevelt, who ascended to high office partly because they were able to avoid the appearance of hypocrisy, elitism and greed.

But no mention of Mormons, gold bibles, plural wives or magic underwear. I’m shocked.

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