Thursday, May 31, 2007

Loathing In the Mainstream Media; Is Mitt Ready For It?

Is Mitt Romney ready for the loathing the media seems ready to heap on him as they did Ronald Reagan and as they currently do George W. Bush? According to Dean Barnett at Hugh Hewitt’s blog, he’s more than ready.

" Ronald Reagan, Romney effortlessly gets under his critics’ skin for having the audacity to be smarter and more insightful than they are. The media routinely dismissed Reagan as a senile dunderhead. Reagan was in good company there. Eisenhower had the same reputation a generation earlier. It never dawned on the gluttons at the press buffet to wonder how such dopes habitually ran circles around them. And how it must have shocked them when it turned out that Reagan was a more skilled and lucid writer than all of the knights of the keyboard who so vainly hounded him.

While Romney will be tougher to dismiss as an intellectual lightweight than Reagan was because of his impressive resume, his "simple" faith in America is sure to madden the media. It’s also telling that Klein attacks Romney for his "speed of delivery" and "sleight of hand." One of the things that drove the liberal Boston media nuts about Romney is that they were convinced he had something up his sleeve, but could never find it. For four years the local media unloaded haymakers in Romney’s direction, and never laid a glove on him. Drove them nuts."

It’s well worth reading the whole post. Here’s a link. Scroll down to "When Media Pit-Yorkies Attack".

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